(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
Violent motion
1. (quality of being agitated) agitation, stir, tremor, shake, ripple; trepidation, quiver, quaver, dance; flutter. Informal, sweat.
2. (result of agitation) perturbation, commotion, disquiet, tumult, dither, bustle, fuss, excitement, flurry; ebullience; turmoil, hurly-burly, turbulence (See violence); demonstration (See revolution). See disorder.
3. (type of agitation) spasm, throe, fit, throb[bing], crick, stitch, twinge, palpitation, convulsion, paroxysm; epilepsy (See disease); shaking, shivering, shuddering, etc., St. Vitus' dance, fidgets; delirium tremens (See drinking); disturbance, disorder; restlessness, jumpiness, nervousness, changeableness; fever, frenzy; ferment, froth, foam, surf, fermentation; ebullition, effervescence; orgasm, climax (See sex). Slang, heebie-jeebies, ants in the pants. See excitability.
4. (agitated person) bundle of nerves, fussbudget; butterfly. Slang, head-banger.
5. (something that agitates) agitator, churn, propeller, whirlpool, Jacuzzi; mixer, blender, eggbeater (See mixture).
1. (be agitated) agitate, shake, tremble, quiver, quaver, quake, shiver, twitch, vellicate, twitter, toss, stagger, bob, reel, sway; wag, wiggle, waggle; wriggle [like an eel]; dance, stumble; throb, pulsate, beat, palpitate, go pit-a-pat; be nervous, flutter, flitter, bustle; fidget, jiggle; ferment, effervesce, fizzle, foam; seethe, boil (over), bubble (up); toss or thrash about, toss and turn; shake like an aspen leaf; shake to its foundations. Informal, have the jitters, tremble in one's boots, have ants in one's pants. Slang, get one's knickers in a twist.
2. (agitate) convulse, toss, tumble; flap, brandish, flourish; jiggle, joggle, ruffle, flurry, disturb, fan, stir (up); whip or shake up, churn; jounce, bounce.
3. (bother) perturb, ruffle, fluster, disturb, rile, startle, shock, give one a turn; pique, infuriate, madden, make one's blood boil, lash into a fury, get on one's nerves, give one fits, give one a hard time, give one gray hair, tie in knots, shake up, throw for a loss.
1. agitated, shaking; jerky, choppy, unsteady; convulsive, spastic; rough, jarring, bumpy, bouncy; orgasmic.
2. perturbed, disturbed, ruffled (see [m1]Verbs 3); tremulous; giddy; unquiet, restless, at loose ends, restive, all atwitter, nervous, jittery, jumpy; nervous, fidgety, shaken up; ebullient. Informal, antsy, like a monkey on a stick. Slang, strung out, all shook up, antsy, squirrelly, in a lather, uptight, aerated, wilding, jacked up, untied, unglued, unraveled, unstuck, unstrung, unwrapped.
Adverbs — agitatedly, shakily, etc.; by fits and starts.
Antonyms, See repose.
(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. stir, unrest, tumult, disquiet; see anxiety , confusion 2 , disturbance 2 , excitement .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
1. shaking or mixing stirring, churning, turbulence, bouncing, disturbance, tossing, turning.
2. emotional disturbance arousal, excitement, inflammation, stirring, jolt, turmoil, upheaval, commotion, provocation, rabble-rousing.
ANT.: 2. becalming, quieting, pacifying
(Roget's Thesaurus II) noun 1. The condition of being physically agitated: commotion, convulsion, turbulence. See CALM. 2. A state of discomposure: dither, fluster, flutter, perturbation, tumult, turmoil, upset. Informal: lather, stew. See CALM. 3. An interruption of regular procedure or of public peace: commotion, disorder, disturbance, helter-skelter, stir1, tumult, turbulence, turmoil, uproar. Informal: flap, to-do. See CALM, ORDER.

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